Keep Calm and Read a Book

It’s as simple as that! What I’d give to have an extra hour in the day or a little longer lunch break at work to keep reading an enticing book. But, I think that makes reading so much more enjoyable, it is a special part of your day that you can look forward to and be in the moment, letting your imagination take over.

The Incessant Bookworm is a place to share love of books – whether it’s reading, crafts, quotes, characters, reflections, you name it! The goal is to keep the art of books and writing alive by conversing with fellow bookworms.



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3 responses to “Keep Calm and Read a Book

  1. I totally wish there were more hours in a day to read! I think I should have a designated reading hour – that would be amazing!


  2. Debby

    Our bookclub at the Lane Library In Oxford is now reading The One-In-A-Million Boy. I found your card in this book! Therefore I have just come upon your blog/website! Since you were at Books By The Banks and I see your photo on the right at CRU I assume you are local. I will revisit you soon!

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  3. Oh wow!!! That’s exciting 🙂 thanks for giving the blog a look, I appreciate it. Hope the book club is going well 🙂 I am a local!


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