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Reading through some more of a the guiding Writer’s Digest books I purchased, I am starting to believe more in my potential to create something that is meaningful to me and engaging to readers. This week, I was tasked to start thinking about outlining and how critical of a tool it is when putting together ideas for a novel, as it is a basis. As someone who tends to bounce around with a lot of ideas, I appreciated the technique of writing out on note cards each outline for a scene. The more I think about it, the more I notice how similar to television and film this process is – moving from scene to scene in smooth transitions. With the note cards, I am able to m ove them around in an order that makes sense with the story-line (I have to make sure I don’t mix them up!). I have a few ideas but nothing coalescing into a bigger picture plot, just yet! It’s only the first week after all.

In order to get around that roadblock, Day 1 insisted I spend two hours with my phone off and hand-write every early memory I could think of, writing about a paragraph per memory. I found it somewhat emotional to bring back some memories from as earliest as the first thing I remember all the way up to the early years of high school. As I was writing and reflecting, I smiled, I laughed, I shook my head, and felt saddened. Having these moments brought back to the forefront of my mind intentionally, I believe adds to what kind of emotions I want to bring to my novel. Do I think my life has had potentially life-changing moments that I think the entire world needs to read in order to learn something or be successful? Absolutely not. I feel that this is an opportunity for me as a release, from the struggle of keeping my guard up and not letting anyone in. It seems astronomical having potentially hundreds of strangers read my life events as opposed to sharing the same moments with close friends and family. I don’t know how to explain it, though I’m hopeful that this is a step forward for giving trust and receiving acceptance.

Here’s $1 to the pot!