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So life has been quite chaotic lately, with back to school goings on as well as last minute vacations whilst the summer season is winding down. I have been immersed quite a bit in Downton Abbey and longing for the time I am able to visit London once again. Just like in oh so many novels I have read, I feel a connection between the characters and a part of their lives. I am finishing up the latest season until the final season premieres in January – with any luck I’ll finish within this week and be back to reading in no time. Having that hiatus from reading has grown my longing for the enjoyment of imagining the characters in my mind instead of what the screenplay writers create for us in a visual. With the season changing to a crisp fall, I am looking forward to one of my favorite times of year – pumpkin spice latte season which has been rumored to be released on August 25th (expect a post from me around that time 😉 )

While I await that day, I’d love to introduce to you all the newest member of my little family. Please welcome, Lizzy.


Lizzy was found by one of my colleagues in their garage! She is a sweet little kitten who quickly won me over. I was not looking to adopt at the time being, but I saw an opportunity to provide a good home and I couldn’t resist. Having been a full year since I’ve moved to the MidWest, timing I gather worked out that it was time for a change and more responsibility. Now, let me say that Lizzy is the first living thing I have taken care of ever! Besides looking after my niece and nephew once in awhile, Lizzy is the first I’ve been committed to. You should’ve seen me driving her back to my house for the first time – I was a nervous wreck. It made me imagine what it will be like when I drive my future children home for the first time – wanting to be gentle and take every precaution possible because there is precious cargo in the back seat.

So far, so good with Lizzy. As an aside, being the Incessant Bookworm than I am, of course I had to assign a literary name to my new feline friend. Of course Lizzy Bennet popped into my mind – having an independence yet family-oriented personality. Also, I wanted to utilize that name in some way 🙂 Fingers crossed that we will be good for each other! She’s been a hit with some friends who have stopped by already, supporting her friendly demeanor.

Any advice for adopting a kitten?