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Getting Crafty: Book Wreath

Getting Crafty wreath

The idea of tearing apart a book seemed like a horrendous act! I remember going on a mission to Goodwill last summer to purchase cheaper books with the intention of turning them into paper projects and decor. After spending 30 minutes in the aisle, I walked out empty handed. I couldn’t do it. If I picked a book that I enjoyed, I would destroy it. If I picked one that I never read or didn’t look interesting, I would destroy it – knowing that I haven’t given it a chance to be a favorite of mine.

So what was I to do with this opportunity from my local library to re-purpose books that weren’t sold during their book sale? With the support of a few of my friends, I set out with my hot glue gun and got ready to get to business. Page after page, I broke the spine and began the creation you see above. Once the first few pages were detached and the staples were in place, the rest became a rhythm as holiday and classical music was being played during the workshop. Whilst we were creating our wreaths, we began brainstorming other book page crafts we could do. One project at a time! I don’t know how many books I could re-purpose – maybe if they were still able to be read in their new creation….

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