July 2016 Recap!



This month I struggled hardcore with my reading goals, but I found it more important to give myself the mental and physical rest my body needs and deserves rather than force myself to read and risk resenting the pages I consume. It was pretty hot out here in the MidWest, so I cooled off in several cafes and shops, including ice cream and water ice places! It is summer of course 😉

Books Read:



Most Favorited/Liked Post:


Personal Life

  • Summer Reading Challenge
    • I failed pretty bad with this one. I challenged myself to read 2 books a week. The first week, I started out strong but life and long book picks knocked me down, and I gave in to finishing on my own casual reading time terms haha
  • Went to North Carolina to watch my best friend get married and then went home to the East Coast to visit family
  • Registered for my English and Film course. I’m totally geeking out and surveying all the back to school sales for fun school supplies!

Goals for August

How was your month of July?


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