As some of you may know, I went back to school this Fall because a. I missed taking classes and, b. I wanted to talk about books more often! The course I am taking is Literature and Film. The basis of the class is to analyze literature as well as the visual adaptations – whether they are loyal or not and what that means for how ‘good’ the film is with or without the literature tie-in. It has been fascinating so far and we haven’t even done a compare/contrast yet! In our group discussions, I confessed to my group that already I am watching films in a new light, seeing them as creative expressions of the interpretation of literature. It blew my mind how filmmakers and adaptation artists have such a challenging task: if they copy everything from the written word, then they aren’t original; if they change the direction of the work, they are seen as unfaithful. I had never thought about how difficult that may be, let alone the logistics of the film – lighting, acting, editing, etc. This week we are watching a film that details this process appropriately: Adaptation. Like I said, very fitting!

What are your thoughts on film adaptations?