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All About Audio freebie —   Top Two podcasts you should be listening to

I’m not a big Podcast listener, BUT when I do, these 2 take precedence. I’d love to hear about others I should be listening to. Right now when I walk or bike to work, I’ve been listening to Audio Books (Harry Potter series to be exact), so when those finish up, I may add some other audio entertainment for the commute! When I first got into Podcasts, it was such an odd sensation since I’m so inclined to visual episodes but while I drive or commute and listen, I’m painting the picture in my head (kind of like books :)).

Gilmore Guys

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I was skeptical at first when listening to this podcast as it is about two guys (one who has seen every episode of Gilmore Girls and one who is watching it for the first time) who commentate on each episode week by week. My beloved show being brought back in a new light? Fortunately, these 2 have all the right sayings and fangirling needed to break down the scenes and nuances in a comical but also thought-provoking way.



When I visited Chicago a couple years ago, I went for an urban walk along Lake Michigan and downloaded the first season of Serial from a friend’s suggestion. At first, I was taken aback by the violent scenes painted by Sarah Koenig about the death of Hae Min Lee by the convicted Adnan Syed. However, the rest of the season went deeper into witness interviews, the intricacies of the trial, and communicating with experts in the field knowing that the death was back in the 90’s. For any fans of Making A Murderer and maybe CSI:, this is the podcast for you.

What’s on your Top Ten Audio Freebie?