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Found It! (2)

It’s time for an update on those who have stumbled across Found It! Here’s the scoop:

The Found It finders are in control if they want to be keepers, but the idea is to turn it into a Pay it Forward-type of experience and then log the findings and bookish thoughts through my blog. From there, I will compile the submissions into posts featuring the finder of the item(s). They are also able to pose questions and basically say whatever they want! I’m very interested to see what comes out of this project and the stories folks choose to share. Here’s to hoping it catches on 🙂

Here are the recipients from the past few months!

I came across the card in a copy of The Da Vinci Code that I borrowed from the Ann Arbor Library on June 29, 2017. I’m curious to know the book train this card has journey through! ~Allison

Hello! I found it when I was reading “Dead to the World” by Charlaine Harris in the bathtub and it fell on me! Haha. ~Tree

I fund your card in one of the books i picked out of Little Free Library on Forge Road in Cherry Hill. I live the other way on Covered Bridge Road. I am in the works of putting up a Little Free Library in front of my house on Covered Bridge Road across from Winston Way. I have been a BookMate volunteer reader for the past 7 years. I read to at risk children in elementary schools in Cherry Hill. I plan to have many book selections for school age children in my Little Free Library to promote an encourage reading. I will of course have a few books for adults as well. My husband and I are busy painting and preparing the library tonight and tomorrow. We should have it up by the end of the day this Sunday. Check it out! I hope you will enjoy some selections available. 🙂 ~Joanne

Thanks for submitting! If anyone else stumbles upon it, please let me know! There will be more in circulation throughout the year!

Happy Reading!


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