Title: PENNY- Hands I Passed Through… Things I Saw… Stories I Can Tell!

Author: Peter Davidson

Published: 2017

Pages: 175

Genre: Humor

Format: Print copy mailed by author in exchange for an honest review

My rating: 4/5


The life of a Penny


“Every time that a penny is passed from one hand to another, it has a value of one cent. If it passes through one hundred thousand hands in its lifetime…that penny has had a value of one thousand dollars. And if this penny I’m holding right here in my hand could speak, it could tell some amazing stories of the hands it has passed through and of the business deals it was part of and of the things it helped accomplish in their lives” (Davidson 167). This was an amazing defense by a man who wished not to see the penny be eliminated from U.S. currency. I felt that encapsulated the themes that emerged from this comic-relief novella in terms of value and our stories. Davidson lays out the observation of this penny through the day to day that may go unnoticed by us humans more often that we think. Each chapter is a mini story that ends up coming full circle for the life of this one particular penny. The commentary on gender neutrality was genius – although I found myself adopting a male narration from time to time. This is not usually the type of book I would pick up, however, I value the simplicity and irony painted throughout. I often wondered about the lives of the inanimate objects – as the metaphorical ‘fly on the wall’!


“Officially, the U.S. Mint’s name for me is ‘Cent’, and the U.S. Treasury’s name for me is ‘one-cent piece.’ I prefer to be called Penny. Like other inanimate objects…I am neither male nor female. I have no gender, so please think of me as gender neutral” (Davidson 1)

“Next time you receive a penny in change, take a good look at it rather than casually throwing it into your change drawer…Ponder for a moment, the life that penny has lived, the hands it has passed through, the things it has seen, and the stories it could tell” (Davidson 175)

Read PENNY- Hands I Passed Through… Things I Saw… Stories I Can Tell! if you like the themes of:

  • Humor
  • Human nature
  • The small things/simple pleasures