Happy New Year!!!

I’m hopeful you all had an enjoyable holiday and are welcoming a brand new year with all its possibilities. For those that know me, you know that I am a goal-oriented person who embraces #challengeaccepted. So no surprise, my strategic planning has led me to change up my posting and social media habits to encompass what I want to accomplish this year. After seeing Simon Sinek’s TEDtalk Start with Why, I created my own Golden Circle around the ‘Why’ for Incessant Bookworm:

Why: Spread bookish knowledge to inspire the love of reading

How: Provide personal and relate-able information and narratives that is meaningful beyond synopses.

What: Produce bookish content on various social media platforms

Vision Statement: Be a legitimate resource for book-related inquiries through readers and authors

Core Values:

  • Knowledge
  • Curiosity
  • Inclusion
  • Open-mindedness
  • Honesty

Through reflecting over these statements and values, I was able to start digging into how these are going to come about, the plan of action. If familiar with the process of Design Thinking, this is where I entertain the Ideate phase. One strategy to develop creative new ideas is to draw out a Mind Map. Let me tell you this was such a rewarding experience.

From here, I believe I have a good start to the next 3 months – before I do an audit to see what I should Stop/Start/Keep doing with bookish content. Fingers crossed that I’ll continue to learn and grow in my blogging experience.

Now back to the annual New Year’s family brunch!

Happy New Year!