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Coffeeshop Crawl Part 1

I am on a mission! After moving to the city, I’ve been challenging myself to get more involved in the community and the different neighborhoods. The way I’ve decided to do so is check out the local cafes and coffeeshops in hopes of finding my go-to spot where I’m a regular! The criteria I used as filters were Good for Working (I’ll be blogging and reading), Free WiFi (same reason), and $-$$ for pricing! Additionally, in this first bout of the crawl, I was ordering lunch so some of my reviews below aren’t consistent. Plus, I ordered a mix of tea, hot chocolate and coffee haha! Check out the list below to see how I fared – I feel that I am developing another filter that is based on my own preferences in terms of environment! –

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A Bookish Birthday

If the title hasn’t given it away, TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY!!!

Although today I work, I still will set aside time to celebrate – and more festivities will occur over the weekend, don’t worry! In the last few years, I have started embracing my birthday by bringing my different groups of friends together on adventures. Last year was a trampoline park and watching Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. This year will include dinner and a holiday craft fair and lights show! Now,  thinking further ahead for future birthdays, I literally Googled “book themed birthday party for adults.” Try it!! This may be a lofty goal for my 30th, we shall see 🙂

As I reflect on my bookish life so far, I have worked consistently on one of my 30 before 30 goals of reading every book I own – hence the TBR Pile page! Additionally (and also ironically) I’ve thought about my minimalist lifestyle and what that means for receiving gifts. It has become increasingly more difficult to create a gift list for myself since experiences mean much more to me then objects. There are usually some gift cards on there (food, gas, clothes) and then other practical items. I saw this post on the Silent Book Club Facebook Page and thought how meaningful this idea can be for those who want to give a birthday gift. My main Love Language is Quality Time so great birthday gifts could include sharing one’s favorite book to me on my birthday, and then once I’ve finished reading it, grabbing a meal/coffee with me to discuss it – what we liked, didn’t like, have been inspired to do, felt emotional or connected to, etc.

What are your favorite books that I can enjoy on my birthday? 🙂 

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Book Club: Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty

Because our drive for this book came from the Emmy nominations and wins for the HBO limited series of the same name, we decided that this month we would read the novel and binge watch the show as a way to debrief! One of our members pointed out an ironic quote from the book that relates to several bookworms – “It didn’t take Celeste long to realize that this was going to be the sort of book club where the book was secondary to the proceedings. She felt mild disappointment. She’d been looking forward to talking about the book. She’d even embarrassingly, prepared for book club…marking up a few pages with Post-it notes and writing a few pithy comments in the margins” (Moriarty 263). The funny part is, that is what happened haha. Beginning at 6pm, we knocked out 3.5 episodes (we met on a Tuesday and we are all avid This Is Us fans so we had to stop at 9pm!).

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Books & Social Media!

Full disclaimer: This idea came from an assignment for my Social Media Marketing Class in which I needed to create a Facebook Page and have people ‘Like’ It! So….. before reading any further, feel free to click on over to the Incessant Bookworm Facebook Page :).

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Guest Post: Journey Towards Reading

I am excited to welcome my dear friend, Michael, as a guest blogger for Incessant Bookworm this morning! Michael and I were colleagues for over 2 years and deepened our friendship over books. We have changed jobs since then but have kept up with each others’ lives (including our bookish habits). Please welcome him and enjoy his guest post 🙂

With the start of a new season, I find myself in a place of reflection.  Over the past year I have embarked upon a journey-to read more than I ever have.  This wasn’t a journey I decided to start on January 1, 2017.  Instead it’s one that has been slowly building over the past few years.  Now this may not seem like some montage of a young professional reading books to conquer his Goodreads goal list, with the Rocky soundtrack and you’d be right.  The reality is that few stories start out this way because they don’t show the growth, development and insights gained.  My journey to read the most I had ever in my life has taught me about the strength of communities and how books can connect you with people you didn’t think you’d start a friendship with.

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Bookish Denver!

Finally, I was able to visit the place I hope to call home one day (oddly enough, I’d never been there before, yet still wanted to move there!). Additionally, it was also on my 30 Before 30 list! Fair warning, I walked EVERYWHERE and kept track of my step count. That is one of my goals wherever I end up, to be active and walking is the main commute. Here are a few tidbits from my adventure visiting my friend Michael for 4 days!

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