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Less is Now Tour

Our memories are not in our things

It has been a few months since I’ve seen the Netflix Documentary Minimalism as well as reading Everything that Remains and Minimalism – Live a Meaningful Life. However, this lifestyle has fundamentally changed how I live my life and the experiences I have. So when Joshua and Ryan included Cincinnati on their 40-city speaking tour, I jumped on the chance to see them live and potentially ask them a question during their Live Podcast Q&A session. Statistics always fascinate me and it was shocking to hear that the average U.S. household contains 300,000 items!!!! That is difficult to fathom but ‘stuff’ adds up quickly – aka junk drawers and storage bins –  mistakenly giving us the facade of a ‘well-organized hoarder’! They are not of the mindset is not against consumption, but that compulsory consumption is the problem.

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2016 Recap and 2017 Goals!


Books Read: (link to reviews)

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2017 Goals (In addition to what I wrote for This Time Next Year Tag!):

How was your 2016? What’s on tap for 2017?

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October 2016 Recap!


Books Read:


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September 2016 Recap


It’s finally starting to feel like Fall!!! Break out all things pumpkin and flannel! What better way to enjoy the Fall then with a pile of good books you can curl up with. I can’t wait!

Books Read:


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Goals for October

How was your month of September?

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Monday Muse (2) – Back to School


I’m about 5 weeks into the semester and have had some unique experiences with my class I’m taking. The class meets for 50 minutes twice a week followed by an hour discussion section later in the week. The first assignment I had do, I spent 4 hours answering reflection questions and it was only 10 points – I realized it’s been awhile since I’ve done homework like that and had a revelation in class this past week: What does doing well and going above and beyond on these assignments prove? I’m taking the class for fun, and yet I put so much pressure on myself to do well. But that doesn’t prove the learning and engagement I have with the class and content. This may sound selfish as folks who go back to school sometimes are looking for another degree or the students who are there as traditional college students need the class to fulfill some requirement, and here I am wondering what the point is for me. In the smaller discussion sections, we were asked to honestly say who had finished the reading for class – me and a handful of others raised their hand amidst a class of 30. That was another telling sign of what how I need to give myself a break – not to be lazy, but to gauge the environment in which I am in. I will finish the readings so I can get a good experience from the larger lecture of 100+ where I have been getting the most out of the class and maybe aligning myself with those who do the readings to have fruitful conversations when we break into smaller groups. I want to be able to talk about the readings – hence me taking a class haha. This is making me think long and hard about what next semester will look like and if I end up taking a class or just forgoing the formal education and joining more book clubs!

What are your thoughts of going back to school?