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Book Cover Jacket Redesign

As some of you may know, I am back in school for a Graduate Certificate in Interactive Media Studies! I have been having a wonderful experience exploring different tools and strategies when it comes to social media, user experience, and design. The course I am in currently allows me to do an independent project on anything that is considered visual rhetoric. As the title of this post may allude, I have decided to design a book cover for a book in existence. The trouble is, I have no idea which one I would like to ‘redesign’. That’s where I need YOUR help!

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London Prep!

I am weeks away from flying across the pond and spending 5 days packed with everything British. For those who know me, the fact that I am an anglophile is not surprising. If there was any doubt, check out my tea collection, multiple copies of Pride and Prejudice, and British chachkies adorning my apartment. On this kind of trip I want to make sure I am maximizing the experience since who knows when I will have the chance to be back. However, I am conscious of not getting my hopes up. I find that I get overly excited about something and then when it happens or I purchase whatever it is, the excitement decreases and I am filled with doubt. Although my preparation for the trip has been extensive, I am doing my best to be open-minded to the experience and learn a lot (about the city AND myself).

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Book Introvert

As an introvert, I think A LOT! Sometimes (more often than not) OVERTHINK! Back in the fall, I stumbled upon an Audiobook on my way back from a wedding entitled: The Secret Lives of Introverts. I found myself nodding along and verbally saying “Yes” to a lot of what was shared about introverts. The findings are themed in major areas in life: relationships, work, family, friends, etc. For someone who has been assessed in addition to self-identified as a strong introvert, I was immediately bought in. Besides this book, the book references a website known as Introvert, Dear – a place where articles are written from a whole host of introverts around the world about anything you can think of when it comes to introversion.

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2018 Blog Plan!

Happy New Year!!!

I’m hopeful you all had an enjoyable holiday and are welcoming a brand new year with all its possibilities. For those that know me, you know that I am a goal-oriented person who embraces #challengeaccepted. So no surprise, my strategic planning has led me to change up my posting and social media habits to encompass what I want to accomplish this year. After seeing Simon Sinek’s TEDtalk Start with Why, I created my own Golden Circle around the ‘Why’ for Incessant Bookworm:

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Strategic Planning Hiatus

Greetings all!

After much reflection, I am choosing to take a brief hiatus the next week or so from blogging. These last few months, I have been thinking critically and learning about constructing a purpose, goals, and strategic plan. The Incessant Bookworm has been up for almost 3 years, and I have not done a retreat of sorts to determine where I want to take the blog and what kind of content I want to produce.

Additionally, with the holidays around the corner and a full house of family members, I’ll want to spend time with them and not stress over upcoming posts and reviews/reading challenges. This past weekend I delved deeper into the blog’s mission and objectives – I’m hoping to continue to flush those out and create a strong plan for 2018 that will keep me engaged with the content I am sharing as well as contribute to the bookish community I adore so much.

Furthermore, my reading goals will look a bit different in 2018 as I definitely pushed myself this year (in which I am grateful to have read wonderful books and went above my reading goal) and want to immerse myself in each book as opposed to reading for quantity! I also want to tackle my TBR pile where I felt I was lacking this year with doing a number of challenges that included books I didn’t own – hello library hauls!

Have a wonderful holiday and I’ll talk with you all soon 🙂

~Courtney (The Incessant Bookworm)

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Less is Now Tour

Our memories are not in our things

It has been a few months since I’ve seen the Netflix Documentary Minimalism as well as reading Everything that Remains and Minimalism – Live a Meaningful Life. However, this lifestyle has fundamentally changed how I live my life and the experiences I have. So when Joshua and Ryan included Cincinnati on their 40-city speaking tour, I jumped on the chance to see them live and potentially ask them a question during their Live Podcast Q&A session. Statistics always fascinate me and it was shocking to hear that the average U.S. household contains 300,000 items!!!! That is difficult to fathom but ‘stuff’ adds up quickly – aka junk drawers and storage bins –  mistakenly giving us the facade of a ‘well-organized hoarder’! They are not of the mindset is not against consumption, but that compulsory consumption is the problem.

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